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Oscar Predictions and “Insight”

2019 Oscar Nominations Review

Disappointingly Dry, “The Commuter” isn’t Even Fun Enough to go a Little Off the Rails

The Icy Nature of Literary Analysis, and the Loss of Unfettered Dreams

“If Beale Street Could Talk” is a Magically Vibrant Revelation

Epic in its Ambitions but not its Scope, “They Shall Not Grow Old” Still Serves as a Worthy Memorial to those who Died in the War to End All Wars

“Green Book” is Undeniably Entertaining, even though it Stumbles on its more Weighty Themes

Golden Globes: A Recap of Whatever the Hell that was

It’s Not the Masterpiece We Needed, but “Vice” Rises on the Power of its (Justified) Anger

A Dry Script Nearly Drowns “Aquaman”, but Director James Wan Helps the Film Make Waves

“First Man” Delivers the Chilling Tragedy of Neil Armstrong and a Warning of the Cost of Success

“First Reformed” is an Urgent Must-Watch

“Can You Ever Forgive Me?” Rises on the Power of its Simplicity and Honesty

“The Old Man and the Gun” is a Decidedly Understated Take on a Fascinating True Story

Creed Fights On: “Creed 2” isn’t Perfect, but Man is this Series Strong

Dammit J.K. Rowling: While there Remains Hope, “The Crimes of Grindelwald” is a Frustrating Mess

The Confounding Waste that is “Bohemian Rhapsody”

The Fall of FilmStruck and the Failings of all our Good Intentions

“Searching” Succeeds by Smartly Putting Humans in the Driver-Seat

What’s the Point of Watching Movies with Friends? (Part 2): Freshman Philosophical Ramblings

The Existential Masterpiece that is “Heathers”

What’s the Point of Watching Movies with Friends? (Part 1): Drowning in Chicken Burritos and Dismay

The Allure of the Emmys

“Hereditary” Adds Yet Another Strong Addition to the Recent Horror Revolution, but Ultimately it’s Just Not That Scary

It’s a Fun Ride, but “Ready Player One’s” Hollow Imitation of the 80’s Makes for a Disturbing Viewing Experience

It’s Not Crazy Good, but “Crazy Rich Asians” is a Monumentally Important Rom-Com

The Stunning “I, Tonya” Succeeds in Presenting a Hilarious Yet Tragic Condemnation of the American 24 Hour News Cycle